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The Copa America, the illustrious tournament that has symbolized South America football, is about to redefine itself in 2024. The Copa America is the oldest continental soccer competition in the world and has been the stage for some of the most memorable games and best players in the history of the sport. But 2024 is not quite like any before it. For the very 1st time, the tournament is set to go intercontinental after introducing teams from the CONCACAF region. The new format will add new dimensions to the qualification process and the excitement in the competition.

Including CONCACAF teams adds more scenarios for higher stakes matches and allows for a broader group of star talent taking the field. The qualification cycle for the 12 teams capable of competing in both the Twenty20 tournament is a labyrinth but this guide will aim to guide you through the details to a place where it all finally begins to make a little sense – or, at least, provide an introduction to some of the protagonists that might fill out the fixturesheet once the on-field action rolls around. We will also look back through the key moments and controversies from the qualifiers and provide you with some betting guidance as you get ready to enjoy proceedings.

Copa America 2024 Qualifiers: The Complete Guide to Teams, Format, and Betting Tips
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How Does Copa America 2024 Qualification Work?

How Does Copa America 2024 Qualification Work?

The qualification process for the 2024 Copa America is as diverse as it is challenging, with two distinct paths leading teams to the prestigious tournament.

Automatic Qualification for All 10 CONMEBOL Teams

As is tradition, all ten teams from the CONMEBOL region automatically qualify for the Copa America. These teams include some of the most storied football nations in the world, such as Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay. Their automatic entry ensures that the tournament retains its strong South American identity while embracing a broader international flavor.

CONCACAF Qualification Through the Nations League

The inclusion of CONCACAF teams adds a new layer of complexity and excitement to the qualification process. Teams from this region must navigate the competitive landscape of the CONCACAF Nations League to earn their spots in the Copa America.

League A Group Stage, Quarterfinals, and the Significance of Each Round

The CONCACAF Nations League is structured to provide a rigorous pathway to the Copa America. It begins with a group stage in League A, where teams are divided into groups and compete in a round-robin format. The top teams from each group advance to the quarterfinals, which are crucial in determining the direct qualifiers for the Copa America. This stage of the competition is intense, as teams vie not only for qualification but also for the prestige of winning their group.

The Playoff System for the Remaining Two Spots

Among all those teams, all but six will not fall short in the quarterfinals to earn themselves a do-over in the playoff style system. The rest of the Copa America are resolved by a series of playoff matches, where the competition turns up even higher. Tightly contested games typical of a 2024 Copa America play-off.

Qualified Teams for Copa America 2024

Qualified Teams for Copa America 2024

The 2024 Copa America is a combination of the traditional South American powerhouses as well as some of the very best from the CONCACAF region. Here is a closer look at the experienced teams, their history and the players to keep an eye on.

TeamDescriptionBet Now
ArgentinaLionel Messi and a generation of talent and history in the reigning champions.Place a Bet
BrazilThey are always a side repute for the flair and attacking play and could be considered as favourites of the tournament.Place a Bet
UruguayUruguay has a rich history, blending seasoned players with new generation of players makes for always a strong opponent to face.Place a Bet
ChileLike Chile, which has won two Copas America in the previous ten years, they will be among the top choices.Place a Bet
ColombiaThis is a squad with a mix of young and old and one that can trouble teams on its day.Place a Bet
ParaguayStatistically one of the best defensive records and have less weaknesses than other sides with Real Madrid and Barcelona not at full strength.Place a Bet
PeruQualified for the 2019 final and will hope to maintain their strong recent form.Place a Bet
EcuadorGo and support a young and talented Ecuador side.Place a Bet
BoliviaBolivia are underestimaed and are capable of springing a surpise.Place a Bet
VenezuelaCombining skill and desire in proportions more suitable to the Yukon Territory than perhaps anywhere else, Venezuela will look to have their say.Place a Bet

The 4 CONCACAF Teams That Qualified Directly Through the Nations League Quarterfinals

The CONCACAF region, the traditional and emerging football nations in the four Nations League quarterfinals are the following four teams that have won their places.

Mexico: Always a CONCACAF powerhouse, the experience and talent Mexico possesses should make them a force to be reckoned with.

USA: The United States has gotten better each year and this World Tens Series is definitely going to be an outlet for them to let everyone see that.

Canada: College has brought out a new brand of high-level, unique talent just north of the border.

Costa Rica: Always a tough out given their defensive prowess and tactical discipline.

Highlight the Remaining 2 CONCACAF Teams Competing in the Playoffs

The playoffs will finish up the qualification process, with the final two places for CONCACAF teams still up for grabs. And these will be the matches to determine which teams complete the 2024 Copa America field further adding drama into the mix.

Key Moments and Controversies in the Qualifiers

Key Moments and Controversies in the Qualifiers

The Road to the 2024 Copa America has seen unique moments and strong discussions. The qualification process has thrown up a number of surprises, and there have been plenty of twists and turns on the road to Tokyo.

High flying moments included Costa Rica securing a direct place in qualifying by overcoming Mexico in a dramatic turn | Image: Nations League Even the Football and world cup qualifiers showed its cooler, but on top there was a high stakes involved. In Canada’s victory over the US, they are starting to push regionally in the right direction.

It was not a universally loved modification, though – some people were less than pleased with the extended format. Others believe having CONCACAF teams in the mix water down a tournament that has a home as the premier competition featuring South American sides. Others have cited the logistical challenges and extra travel for teams. Nevertheless, it is apparent that the consensus is the expanded format provides better games, and is a more enjoyable event for the general viewing public

Here are the key moments and controversies that have played a role in determining the ultimate field for the 2024 Copa America. With the combination of strong established teams and new challengers to spoil the party, it also looks like we are in line for a tournament that promises to see plenty of good games and football.

What to Expect in the Copa America 2024 Playoffs

What to Expect in the Copa America 2024 Playoffs

An intense playoff round has been arranged for this summers qualifiers ahead of the Copa America 2024. The prime matchups will grip the final rounds of the qualifiers. And the last two sides from CONCACAF will also be revealed after the playoffs, which will be determined by the qualifiers. Promising to be pulsating and cutthroat, these decisive clashes, having stemmed from the qualifiers, are high-stakes encounters. With the qualifiers sparking the excitement, every team will look to put forth their best foot to book their berth in the glamorous competition of Copa America 2024.

Playoff: Playoff will seed and scrimmage against the teams falling just short of direct qualification in thrilling, tight range landfill-crossing games. Panama and Trinidad and Tobago, among others, are playing do-or-die matches to punch their tickets to the tournament.

While it is always difficult to predict results, we have seen a few sides in form and at their resilient best earlier this month. Panama will fancy their recent run of good form, but we all know how unpredictable football can be.

The results of the playoffs will directly affect the end of the tournament. With the playoff winners known, the field for the merged tournament-with the countries divided into the north and south regions-sliding into place, a fascinatingly diverse Copa America awaits.

The Impact of Copa America 2024 Qualifiers

The Impact of Copa America 2024 Qualifiers

The importance of the qualifying phase for the Copa America 2024 goes far beyond the own tournament happened a decade from now. The Copa America stands to gain a lot from the addition of CONCACAF sides in what marks a fresh chapter for the competition. The qualifiers reinforced the conclusion that comes every four years: South America is getting better, so too are CONCACAF, making this edition all the more interesting.

This is a major deal as well because CONCACAF teams being allowed to enter into the Copa America 2024 qualifiers is a big development. The story is the increasing collaboration between CONMEBOL and CONCACAF, which raises the profile of the Copa America. The qualifiers have laid the groundwork for what could be a more open and varied Copa America, with various shapes and methods coming into the tournament.

The Copa America 2024 qualifiers are set to see an enhanced format which will increase the level of action on offer. Through the qualifers, the addition of CONCACAF teams may be a key to featuring a more broad array of talent and tactical approaches to the tournament. This can question the historical dominators of the Copa America and make the tournament less predictable and interesting.

Such boost would be massive in terms of soccer popularity, especially within North America and the Copa America 2024 qualifiers could provide a considerable amount of it. Fans in the USA, Canada and elsewhere will feel a greater connection to the tournament, now that they are likely to support CONCACAF teams at the Copa America. The buzz from the qualifiers breathes new life into football in the area, especially for the Copa America itself, generating more interest in the continental competition.

With a full understanding, fans can see why the Copa America 2024 qualifiers are important for the presence of CONCACAF teams, and why this is good for them as well Despite the global pandemic, the qualifiers have laid the groundwork for a Copa America for the history books: A jam-packed field of top competitors, and a wider global reach that should prove an attractive spectable to fans near and far.


The qualification campaign for the 2024 Copa America has truly been an exciting ride, with many matches of high quality and playing for high stakes. We know the long days and sleepless nights you will put in to play and compete in the tournament, with teams from all around the world, your team having a chance to be one of the lucky ones, your chance of proving and making a statement that will captivate fans on the other side of the world. The Copa America 2024 will be one that will be remembered for a long time with CONCACAF sides involved. Stay tuned on the tournament and let us know how you think it will unfold – an exposition of of footballing talent like none other!


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