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CCP Team Robert J. McGranaghan

Robert J. McGranaghan, MPH

Senior Instructor, Department of Family Medicine University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Anschutz Health and Wellness Center 12348 E. Montview Blvd., Room 4128 Aurora, CO 80045 734.358.0648 (m) email hidden; JavaScript is required

Robert's Bio

Prior to moving to Denver in 2012, I was a co-founder in 1995, and subsequently served as the Manager of the Detroit Community-Academic Urban Research Center (Detroit URC), based at the University of Michigan School of Public Health. The Detroit URC is one of the nation’s first community-based participatory research (CBPR) partnerships involving an academic institution and local communities, conducting research and interventions to reduce and ultimately eliminate health inequities in the city of Detroit (www.detroiturc.org​). I have developed, implemented, evaluated, and disseminated community and worksite-based health education interventions and CBPR partnership activities for over 30 years and have served as project director on several major interdisciplinary grants sponsored by federal and state agencies and foundations, and involving individuals from multiple disciplines and diverse communities in Philadelphia, PA, the California Bay Area and Detroit, MI. I have a particular interest in, and nearly 20 years experience with CBPR and in developing and sustaining community and academic partnerships for health. For example, I was actively involved in the CDC/ASPH-funded national project “Examining Community-Institutional Partnerships for Prevention Research” from 2003-2007, during which I provided leadership in the development of an evidence-based training curriculum on CBPR which I subsequently co-presented at professional meetings and learning institutes across the country. I am also a co-author of the instructional CD-ROM “Community-Based Participatory Research: A Partnership Approach for Public Health, ” produced in 2010. I am a co-founder of the Community-Based Public Health Caucus of the American Public Health Association in 1999, and played a leadership role in crafting a policy for APHA regarding support for CBPR throughout the organization which was subsequently adopted by APHA’s Governance Council. I have been Director of the Community-Campus Partnership since its initial planning phase, beginning in 2012. I have a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Penn State University, and a masters in public health in community health education from Temple University in Philadelphia.  I was born and raised in the Philadelphia suburb of Bucks County, PA, and enjoy traveling, distance running, hiking, cycling, reading literature, histories and biographies, listening to classical music and opera, attending theatre and opera, learning Spanish, baking, gardening and just hanging out with my partner Jim and our big dog Conor.

CCP Team Lisa Jensen

Lisa Jensen, BSN, RN
Director of Hire Local Program

Anschutz Health and Wellness Center 12348 E. Montview Blvd., Room 4129 Aurora, CO 80045 303.724.9051 (o) email hidden; JavaScript is required

Lisa's Bio

I began working at CU in 1992 as a research coordinator in the Division of Endocrinology implementing research protocols in diabetes, thyroid disorders, and pituitary tumors. From 1999 to 2005 I served as the Director of the Colorado Multiple Institutional Review Board (COMIRB), leading its complete overhaul for regulatory compliance. In COMIRB, I learned about the importance of creating structure for   ethical and inclusive decision-making. At Colorado Prevention Center, I worked with a team to implement a statewide program for heart disease prevention (Colorado Heart Healthy Solutions) and a promotora-led program in northwest Denver (CHARLAR). We developed promotora and community health worker training modules. It was so fun to see people change as they learned ways to be leaders in their communities, and to help them be equipped to do so. As Community Programs Development Manager at the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, I developed community resources – such as a “resource inventory” of services for low income populations in Trinidad, Colorado; worksite wellness programming adapted to workplace values and goals; and structured the elementary school program “5th Gear Kids” in Aurora Public Schools and Cherry Creek School District. In each of these roles I focused on building consensus and inclusiveness. Along the way, I developed skills in facilitating, presenting and teaching because it is important to me that people connect with their work, their colleagues and their knowledge base in meaningful ways.

I love writing and communicating – I’ve enjoyed writing grants, policies, by-laws, standard operating procedures, and organization charts. I have taken Business Plan Development classes for fun (as well as poetry and other creative writing classes). I taught in the Campus Wide Ethics Program for over three years as a facilitator, developing a deeper knowledge of all of our Health Profession schools and faculty, and ethical discussion strategies.

In my role as the Campus Connections Director for the Community Campus Partnership, I’m excited to discover how our campus will work with the surrounding Aurora community to shift our conversations from the problems to the possibilities, and see real change happen through our relationships.

Current obsession: figuring out how we can get clothing manufacturing in the USA

Favorite Colorado spot: Grand Lake, at the Shadowcliff cabins in mid-summer, for hiking into Rocky Mountain National Park, watching hummingbirds and the morning mist lifting off Grand Lake

Inspiring quote and loved poet:
“Tell me,
what is it you plan to do
with your one
wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver

CCP Team Mariana Ledezma-Amorosi

Mariana Ledezma-Amorosi
CCP Associate Director for Community Engagement

Anschutz Health and Wellness Center 12348 E. Montview Blvd., Room 4130 Aurora, CO 80045  303.724.5635 (o) email hidden; JavaScript is required

Mariana's Bio

Ms. Ledezma-Amorosi is a native of Guadalajara, Mexico. After moving to Colorado in 1999; she started her career in community development committed to serving the underserved and under-represented through a grassroots community development process. She worked for City of Aurora doing outreach to the Hispanic community to teach recently arrived immigrants about codes and regulations; she served as a liaison between the Hispanic community and the Aurora Police Department and spearheaded some of the neighborhood revitalization efforts in the Original Aurora area. Ms. Ledezma-Amorosi also spent 4 years working for Adams County Community Development where she managed 2 large grants that funded programs in human services, affordable housing, community and economic development and neighborhood revitalization activities. She has provided oversight to over 21 non-profit organizations and 5 municipalities. Ms. Ledezma-Amorosi also worked directly with residents to increase their capacity in the areas of advocacy, constituency and community building and leadership development. Prior to joining Center for Public Health Practice at the Colorado School of Public Health, Mariana worked at the Stapleton Foundation as the Director of Neighborhood Connections, where she worked with Community Based Organizations to provide capacity building and technical assistance.

CCP Team Sheryl Harrington

Sheryl Harrington, BFA
CCP Program Manager

Anschutz Health and Wellness Center 12348 E. Montview Blvd., 4135 Q  Aurora, CO 80045 303.724.8342 (o)  email hidden; JavaScript is required

Sheryl's Bio

Sheryl Harrington joined the team in March 2014 as the Administrative Coordinator for the Community-Campus Partnership. Additionally she works in the Department of Family Medicine as the Program Coordinator for the ACT Program (Advancing Care Together: www.advancingcaretogether.org). With a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Sheryl has previously coordinated Exhibitions and Public Programs at Foothills Art Center, which brought the institutionally groundbreaking 2012 Chihuly Venetians exhibition to Golden, CO.  Before her move to Colorado, Sheryl was part of the $250M Transforming Medicine Campaign while working with the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, at Dartmouth-Hitchcock/Dartmouth Medical School where she created action plans and timelines, and handled critical office-wide technical project roll-outs.  Also, as a former Peace Corps Volunteer, Sheryl wrote grants and implemented projects with local organizations and community members in Bulgaria. A Boston native, Sheryl is enthusiastic about seeing more of Colorado and the west coast states.  She enjoys travel, camping, art and spending time with friends and family.

Gabriela Jacobo

Gabriela Jacobo, BA
Community Connector

The Aurora Strong Resilience Center 1298 Peoria Street Aurora, CO 80011 720.435.3806 (m) email hidden; JavaScript is required

Gabriela's Bio

Ms. Jacobo brings twelve years of experience in the nonprofit sector to the panel. This very valuable experience comes from a variety of positions held within a diverse selection of companies and private organizations. Her specialty is working across race, class and language, English and Spanish. Focusing on leadership development guiding residents to analyze best practices to achieve social equality. Ms. Jacobo brings an open mind and heart to her work. A native of Mexico, she moved to Denver in 2000. Believes in the power of building relationships, one of her powerful strengths is listening to others, analysis of difficult situations and problem solving. The top personality attributes that describe Ms. Jacobo are those of being caring, empathetic, interested in others, committed, and determined to succeed. Some of the personality traits that others use to describe Ms. Jacobo are her generosity, caring, dedicated, positive, and big-hearted.


Jameel Mallory, BA

CCP Hire Local Manager

Anschutz Health and Wellness Center Mailstop C263, 3rd Floor, Room 4135 H 12348 E. Montview Blvd. Aurora, CO 80045 303.724.7841 (o) email hidden; JavaScript is required

Jameel's Bio

Jameel previously worked for the University of Colorado in the Department of Family Medicine as a Research Assistant. His work involved several aspects of support surrounding Implementation and Innovation within Primary Care.

Now, Jameel brings various levels of personal, professional community based experience to the CCP Team.

As a Colorado Native, Jameel grew up in the Original Aurora neighborhood. Jameel spent his elementary school years at Crawford Elementary School; Middle years at East Middle School and ultimately graduated from Hinkley High school. Jameel is a grateful husband and Father of two. Jameel met his wife Jamila at East Middle School; they started dating in high school and have been happily married now for 15 years. Jameel and Jamila were teen parents and gave birth to their Son Jaylen Mallory two weeks after they graduated from high school. This “Power couple” are now both employees of the University of Colorado on the Anschutz Campus, Jamila of which is a Registered Nurse at UC Hospital. In 2000 they gave birth to their beautiful Daughter Jael and their dog Charlie (a Black Lab) was added to the “J” family a few of years later.

Jameel has worked at Arapahoe/Douglas County Workforce Center and Department of Human Services as a TANF/Employment First Case Worker and in other aspects of Workforce Development. Jameel formally worked as a Youth Transition Service Coordinator for the Colorado Department of Labor and the Colorado Department of Youth Corrections. Both of these opportunities inspired Jameel to stay involved in community related programs and projects at the grass roots level. Jameel has also served as a Youth Sports Director and Football, Basketball and Baseball Coach in various Church organizations, The Aurora Youth League and The Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver. Jameel believes in getting involved, creating connections and sustaining relationships that lead to healthy communities.

Tessa Carlson

Tessa Carlson, BS
CCP Program Coordinator

Anschutz Health and Wellness Center Mailstop C263, 3rd Floor, Room 4135 N 12348 E. Montview Blvd. Aurora, CO 80045 303.724.8473 (0)  email hidden; JavaScript is required

Tessa's Bio

Tessa is a Colorado native, and has worked as a Development Assistant on the Anschutz Medical Campus for a little over five years where she provided administrative support for up to six Development Officers at a time, as well as oversaw a monthly office donation program. During her time in this role, she also earned her Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Metropolitan State University. Before earning her degree, Tessa had to complete two semester-long internships. The first was with Bright by Three (formerly Bright Beginnings) where she participated in community engagement events, led group sessions to go over program materials with families, and coordinated a team of about twenty volunteers for the annual fundraising gala. Her second internship was with Colfax Community Network where she helped with the after school program, participated in weekly motel outreach along East Colfax, met with clients in one-on-one settings to help them access various resources, participated in executing monthly community night dinners, and helped to form a client advisory council. Tessa’s experience working in the community has helped her to better understand some of the challenges people are facing, and her experience on this campus has helped her to realize how much there is here to offer the surrounding community. Tessa is very excited to have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships within the community, and to help break down barriers that so many of our fellow citizens face. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling to the mountains with her boyfriend, spending time with friends and family, and getting in a good Netflix marathon.

Tessa currently serves as a volunteer for SafeHouse Denver where she sits on the planning committee for their summer fundraising event, Sampling for Hope. Additionally, she and a longtime friend work together on a small outreach project to connect with individuals experiencing homelessness in their community. Member of the National Organization for Human Services since 2014.

CCP Team Mike Green

Mike Green
Community Engagement Consultant

email hidden; JavaScript is required

Mike's Bio

Mike works for The Denver Foundation on resident engagement, community organizing, and community economic development work. Mike offers training and consultation to organizations to engage their local communities as partners for collective action. He is affiliated with Jody Kretzmann’s and John McKnight’s Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) Institute of Chicago. Mike teaches and has consulted throughout North America and internationally.

Mike Green has written a book about building successful community partnerships: “When People Care Enough To Act:ABCD In Action” (published by Inclusion Press, 2007.)

A key question to address is often: How can helping agencies, local government, and schools shift from offering “service to clients” towards offering both services AND support for “community led action”. It takes both good programs and organized people to solve most community problems today. The Community Campus Partnership can be a great example of this shift.

Mike Green grew up in a small Texas town and has lived in Denver for many years. Mike is married to Carol, and has one grown child, Annie. Mike’s present framework for practice came from three key life experience areas: community organizing, social work and business. Mike has worked for over thirty years as a community organizer and consultant. He has experience developing neighborhood resident organizations, congregation based organizations, and community partnerships to address social and economic issues. Mike has also worked in business, having started three different companies. He has experience in business development, marketing, organizational development, and management. Mike is a licensed clinical social worker (M.S.W.) and family therapist and has worked in human services, public welfare, mental health and schools. Mike helped start a small public school in Denver that lived ABCD principles.

Mike’s daughter Annie is a person with developmental disabilities who inspires his work. Annie’s greatest need, is the need to be needed.

The most important question of community development is “How do we build a bridge into productive community life for all?” Mike says,”My deepest dream is that more and more people can come to see truly that ‘there is no one we don’t need’ and that a community without a valued place for everyone really has a place for no one.”